Operation on website creation shares on some stages in our studio. If you want to 
order the website you can connect with us any convenient method for you.
You explain us the concept of a website and subject. It is possible to give also 
references to similar websites if the such are available. 
It is very desirable to be prepared directly according to the following plan:

  • provide a name, contact phone, email of the contact person with which we will carry on a dialog during website development, ask questions, approve a prototype etc.
  • pick up some addresses of the websits on Internet, which design you like (3-5 links) and which design you dont like exactly (3-5 links)
  • if it is necessarily, provide a corporate style and symbolics of your enterprise in electronic form. It can be: logo, firm colors, enterprise name, slogan etc.
  • develop approximate structure of a website. Which will include names of points of the main menu and information on the maintenance of each of website pages. It is welcomed very much if you provide it in a look the unit of the diagram drawn on a sheet of paper, or in electronic form.It is possible to show also similar websites on subjects on the Internet.
  • If the domain name isn't present, it needs to be invented and checked, whether it is occupied by someone another. For check there are websites of loggers of domain names, for example http://hostline.ru
  • If you plan any obviously specific functionality on a website which is beyond management system and the list of available components, you need to provide the description of its operation. The most detailed written description will allow to determine the cost of development of this functionality most precisely. You can pass this point if you don't understand about what speech.
  • Materials on a website: texts, photos and other information which is used for original filling of an empty website. If it is the directory of goods, then 5-10 line items of your goods with complete description, price and photos.

 After that, depending on complexity of the project, we transfer to specification writing. On time it takes, as a rule, 7-10 days. At the following stage we stipulate working costs of all website project. Further we transfer to design layout development. On time it takes about one week.
Design we divide into two categories of complexity:
BUSINESS is a simple design without excess and frills. It is possible to look at examples in the operation section. The cost of such design, is included into a total cost of a website.
EXCLUSIVE is original, unique, unique and very beautiful prototype of a website. 
It is developed in a separate order and the cost of such design from 150 US dollars is paid separately

 Also according to your desire you can provide own design website prototype,
in the file (PSD or PDD) Adobe Photoshop format.

After the approval of the design layout, the specification, also to make
a reservation the hosting where will be there is your website. The domain name, questions on purchase of domain name and a hosting is bought, we can assume.
Further you enter 50% of an advance payment from a total cost of the project.
After an advance payment the following stage - installation of management system begins (CMS)
We use CMS developed by us and we set only those modules which are stipulated
in the specification. Thereby, we achieve the maximum productivity of your website.
Further we do imposition of the design layout and its integration in CMS, and also
we place a website on a hosting. If you acquire a hosting independently, then we place a website on the temporal hosting. We create structure of pages of a website. In the presence of materials, we execute original filling by them, we set additional components and we configure them (if necessary)Periods of execution of this stage of operations, make a reservation separately and depend on complexity of
performed operations.

When operations over a website are complete, you pay the remained 50% cioasts
We transfer a website from a temporal hosting to the constant. After that we transfer control of a website under your monitoring.

After we train you in adding and information editing on a website. It will take not a lot of time. Management system of the website is very simple and intuitive - as the text editor Word, and not what knowledge or something supernatural from you it isn't required. Remember behind consultation on control of a website, you can address at any time and it is absolutely free.

If further, you need website finishing, adding of new functional capabilities - we always at your service.
For us there is nothing impossible, we do EVERYTHING:

  • E-commerce shops
  • Production directories
  • News  website
  • Blogs
  • Websites business cards
  • Information websites
  • Promo-website 
  • System B2B

It is the short list of that we do.We do websites of any complexity and are ready to implement any your ideas.For us no, not decided tasks.